Tesla Model S Plaid Carbon Fiber Front Diffuser Revealed by Unplugged Performance

Tesla Model S Plaid Carbon Fiber Front Diffuser Revealed by Unplugged Performance

/ January 19, 2023 / 626 Views

The newest addition to their 2021+ Tesla Model S Plaid range is the gorgeous-looking carbon fiber front diffuser, giving the Model S an even more aggressive and streamlined appeal

Usually, most modding for the Tesla Model S and Model 3 is done with shady-looking parts from China and AliExpress. However, as the community grows, modding with high-end parts is becoming more and more prevalent. In turn, companies like Unplugged Performance, with their premium aftermarket parts are slowly becoming the norm for anyone that wants higher-end and much more quality parts for their vehicles.

The same principle can be applied to their newest release; the Tesla Model S Plaid carbon fiber front diffuser. Sure, with a price tag of $3,495.00, this isn’t the most affordable part available for the 2021+ Tesla Model S, but its unique features, design, engineering & build quality certainly justify it.

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With the Unplugged Performance carbon fiber diffuser, high downforce meets high efficiency. The part is designed to match the performance needs of Model S-APEX and all Model S owners who seek improved track performance, high-speed stability, and efficiency.

For the California-based tuning company, reducing drag and adding downforce while keeping the entire package usable on the street was a massive challenge. In turn, they’ve developed special removable and replaceable proprietary carbon fiber Aero Pads that allow you to run a more track-focused setup when desired or opt for maximum ground clearance for daily use, or split the difference with the half-height pad. As the pads wear, they not only are easily replaceable but also protect your diffuser from wear and tear.

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Here are some additional details about the part below:

  • Full Pre-Preg Dry Carbon Fiber Construction with Bulletproof Carbon Kevlar Reinforcement for durability
  • Replaceable included Half-Height and Full-Height removable Aero Pads for easy replacement
  • Choose the right height Aero Pad for your needs and uses
  • No-drill installation using original mounting hardware and 3m automotive tape
  • Fits all 2021+ Telsa Model S Varients (S-APEX Plaid, Plaid, and Long Range)
  • Compatible with Unplugged Performance Racing Brake Duct Kit
  • Allows more aggressive wheel and tire packages with less airflow disruption
  • Improves safety by reducing front lift at high speeds

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As we’ve mentioned earlier, this is one of the highest-priced front carbon fiber diffusers available for this vehicle. However, it’s also one of the most thought-through systems, built with quality, durability, and improved performance in mind. Just like the Tesla Model S Plaid, a perfectly balanced electric saloon that will tear it up both on and off the track at a moment’s notice.

The Unplugged Performance Carbon Fiber Front Diffuser for the Model S Plaid can be purchased from their website right away. But anyone interested in buying it should move fast, as their parts are often in high demand and stocks may not last long. You can also pair this up with their carbon fiber brake duct kit, but we’re getting carried away and would probably have to go through an ugly divorce if we spent the amount of money on their parts that we want to, so be careful. There’s a lot of stuff over there that makes sense for your Tesla, no other way to put it.

You can look at the product both on and off the car in the media gallery right below.

Tesla Model S Carbon Fiber Front Diffuser From Unplugged Performance
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