KW Suspension Releases A Coilover Variant 3 Solution For The New Audi RS3

KW Suspension Releases A Coilover Variant 3 Solution For The New Audi RS3

/ November 9, 2017 / 1083 Views

The success story of the Audi RS3 continues, and for the first time, the sportiest compact model from Audi is now also available as a sedan. Shortly after the vehicle’s release, KW Suspension took into account the 400 horsepower Audi RS3 and its performance, producing the latest generation of the KW coilover kit. The coilover kit is independently adjustable in compression and rebound damping, further increasing the handling characteristics of the RS. In addition, it offers the possibility of a continuous lowering between 10 – 35 mm.

With a KW coilover kit it is easy to increase the handling and the driving dynamics of the new Audi RS3 notchback sedan. “With the Variant 3, we are primarily speaking to a target group that puts a great value on increased driving dynamics in combination with a continuous lowering,” says KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker. With our V3 suspension, drivers get the possibility to individually adjust the dampers. “If, for example, you install different rims than the wheel / tire combinations offered by Audi, you will be able to further customize the damper setup, in addition to the possibility of a continuous lowering”, explains Johannes Wacker. For example, the KW coilovers allow changing the handling and driving comfort according to the individual driving demand via an integrated rebound adjustment with 16 exact clicks.

Audi RS3 KW V3 Fahrwerkeinbau

Similar to KW suspension kits for motorsport, the rebound and compression stages can be separately adjusted. “So it is easy to directly take influence on the steering response, track stability, tire grip, and handling characteristics for safe controllability at the limit. With no other coilover kit for pure road use, you have such a great scope in regards to damper adjustment.”

A total of twelve clicks are available for the compression stage, for example, in order to increase the tire grip and the road connection. In case, the RS3 notchback sedan is equipped with the optional adaptive dampers, a so-called cancellation kit for the series dampers as Plug & Play solution is part of the KW coilover kit Variant 3 delivery content. During installation, the cancellation kit is connected to a compatible plug-in connection and with exception of the electronic damper control, all Audi assistance and dynamics systems remain active. In addition to the adjustable compression and rebound damping, preconfigured high-speed compression valves are also used for the Variant 3. These high-speed valves with their “blow-off characteristics” open additional bypass channels when driving over ground shafts or cross-joints, so that the wheels can dive in and the tires do not lose their road holding. This is also one of the reasons why even at maximum lowering, a KW coilover kit allows such a sporty driving comfort in comparison to other suspensions.

Audi RS3 KW V3 Lieferumfang

The tested lowering range of the Audi notchback-sedan is 10 and 35 mm on both axles but due to its lower center of gravity from the factory, the adjustment range for the RS3 with a KW V3 Coilover kit installed is equivalent to lowering a standard A3 notchback sedan up to 60mm.

Audi RS3 KW V3 Standaufnahme 04

Below, you can check out how the founder and KW CEO explains the structure of the KW valve technology, it’s usage and other details. Media gallery of the Audi RS3 with a KW V3 Coilover suspension kit can be found below as well.

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