White Tesla Model X Adorned With Vossen HF-3 Hybrid Forged Series Wheels

White Tesla Model X Adorned With Vossen HF-3 Hybrid Forged Series Wheels

/ November 10, 2019 / 826 Views

The electric luxury seven people carrier is spiced up with a set of Vossen HF-3 hybrid forged wheels

For what’s it worth, Tesla really changed the automotive industry, and for the better. After all, when you look at the gridlocked streets in downtown LA, or the endless traffic on the autobahns, or the run of the mill midsize Chinese megacity, all sprawling with thousands of cars emitting not only greenhouse gases but also, ruining the immediate air quality and the quality of life, doing it in a clean electric way seems to be the only viable option for a sustainable future.

Even with all of the above being said, in the end, the Model X looks stupidly good. The large seven-seater crossover features impressive body lines, those get the hell outta here good looking gullwing doors, but also, a welcoming and rather clean overall impression the vehicle leaves on the casual onlooker. However, these things can look even better. Cue in the aftermarket wheel companies.

White Tesla Model X Adorned With Vossen HF-3 Hybrid Forged Series Wheels

This particular all-white Model X features a set of Vossen HF-3 hybrid forged wheels. Sized 22×9.5 in the front and 22×10.5 in the rear, they fill out those large wheel wells perfectly. In addition, the Gloss Gold finish works well with both the clean white exterior of the vehicle, but also, emphasizes the gorgeous red brake calipers as well. In turn, this is one rather compelling looking Model X, catering to the more style-oriented family man. A family man that needs an eco-friendly, but also, an aggressively looking vehicle as well.

Next week, we have more eco-friendly motoring coming up with several highly interesting Tesla Model S and Model 3 builds. However, until then, enjoy this white Tesla Model X on Vossen Wheels in the media gallery right below.

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