Ford Raptor SVT By ADV.1 And EVS Motors

Ford Raptor SVT By ADV.1 And EVS Motors

/ October 27, 2012 / 5608 Views

ADV.1 Wheels came out with the ADV6 wheel design for the Ford Raptor over a year ago and they still get over 90% of their orders for the same vehicle in that exact spec! Yes, sizing, spoke design, fitment, they’ve nailed it right!

They’ve done another Ford Raptor SVT with the same layout, this time in cooperation from a Texas based tuning company EVS Motors who’ve done a great job on many ADV.1 builds thus far. William Stern Photography did the photo work and it came out great as usual. A perfect one-two-three punch if there ever was one in the automotive world!

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Ford Raptor SVT By ADV.1 Wheels And EVS Motors
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