Another Corvette Z06 Updated By D2FORGED Wheels

Another Corvette Z06 Updated By D2FORGED Wheels

/ September 20, 2013 / 567 Views

Good morning everyone! Going to be short today as there are several awesome builds we need to cover today. First in the line is a build by D2FORGED Wheels, our long time supporters and dear friends, who are yet again changing the game with their newest Corvette Z06 build.

We wrote about their ‘Vette build on their CV11 Deep Concave Wheels a few days ago and now we have another epic american muscle car at hand. To the contrary of the blacked out build this one features something different in the wheel department.

When wheels come to mind there is always a certain group of people who love to keep it clean & classy. A set of forged, custom made five spoke wheels is always the norm for those kind of owners. D2FORGED does that very well!

On this Corvette Z06 they’ve installed their CV2 Deep Concave Wheels in 19×10 fronts and 20×12.5 rears, all with a really clean and light finish, perfectly contrasting the black exterior of the car itself.

Finish is a combination D2FORGED Wheels call BBC Center / Hi-Luster Polished Outer Lip w. Ceramic Clearcoat / Metallic Silver Inner Barrel, simply perfect. Check out the full media gallery right below and stay tuned today for even more cool builds headed to our website.

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