Photography: BMW M3 on SV1 Forged SV-C7 Wheels

BMW M3 on SV1 Forged SV-C7 Wheels

/ July 3, 2009 / 347 Views

First of all let me announce that this is “photo mayhem friday” in which we will add several photshoots to our website. So be sure to check out the site all day tomorrow and expect awesome photographs, cool cars, fancy wheels and everything for your viewing pleasure. Now that we got that sorted out, it’s time to move on to the subject of this article, the BMW M3 on SV1 Forged SV-C7 wheels photoshoot.

We are happy to announce that the wheel company behind this fancy wheels is about to hit the wheel scene soon! As we are told and can see from the photos, they will something to show us! This golden colored forged wheels are a perfect match to the BMW M3 that’s got more than enough power to run these babies on the road. We generally use the word “awesome” too much when describing work done by William Stern but as usual, it’s never out of line or too much!

Just to say, when I first got the photos, did the resizing, uploading and everything else, I put a small teaser for one of my friends up. And oh boy did he like it! It’s currently residing at his desktop, as a brand new awesome wallpaper. And when a guy changes his wallpaper long after the last one, you can be sure that these photos are really awesome and up to the challenge. In that tone, we are ready to post you wallpapers of any size, just make sure you request them down in the comments so we can arrange them for you.

And yes, there will be more news about this soon. We are currently in the process of getting some things together, which will enable us to get you all of the last photoshoot’s as wallpapers soon. So be sure to check out our website further on, bookmark it and spread the word as much as you can. Because we need you, the readers to help our website grow. And now (some will say finally) here are the photos, so please enjoy them.

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