Tesla Model S Plaid Wrapped In Avery Dennison Gloss Lightning Ridge

One of the most unique looking exteriors out there

Tesla Model S Plaid Wrapped In Avery Dennison Gloss Lightning Ridge

/ April 16, 2022 / 490 Views

This 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid comes with a beautiful Avery Dennison Supreme ColorFlow Gloss Lightning Ridge Vinyl Wrapping Film, creating one of the most unique exteriors out there

Just a bit of history for those that aren’t familiar with Bulletproof Automotive. The California-based tuner is one of the best in the business. For over a decade, their Nissan GTR builds have been the staple of the high-powered, ludicrously good-looking GTRs that found their home all over the world. In recent years, the company also expanded into the high-end detailing business, offering these services to their customers through their sister company, the Bulletproof Auto Spa. And even though the first project by them is not a Nissan GTR, but a Tesla Model S Plaid, it’s still a great showcase of their capabilities regardless.

The owner of this 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid wanted to create a unique-looking build and wasn’t afraid to take a risk in doing so. In turn, the addition of the Avery Dennison Gloss Lightning Ridge exterior wrap gives the customer just want he wanted: a really unique look. With this wrap, there isn’t a single angle in which the car doesn’t look different, as the chameleon-like finish on this wrap adds such a gorgeous transition that this might be one of the most epic wraps we’ve installed to date.

The full name of this wrap is Avery SW900 Supreme ColorFlow Gloss Lightning Ridge Vinyl Wrapping Film. It’s a vehicle wrap film with a gloss color-shifting finish, as you can see from this particular build. Lightning Ridge has a unique range of colors that shade shift and looks different in various lighting conditions. The film can be applied to your vehicle’s hood, trunk, roof, mirrors, door handles, interior trim and dash panels, chrome and metal parts, motorcycle parts, and just about any relatively non-porous surface. And Bulletproof Auto Spa did it all! The shop covered not just the exterior of this Tesla but also the door jambs and door shuts.

Besides the unique and gorgeous wrap, the owner of this Tesla Model S Plaid opted-in for the XPEL Slate Smoke protection film on all the lights and the 360° window coverage in our premium ceramic window tint, the XPEL Prime XR Plus. And since this Model S Plaid is going to Hawaii, there is no doubt that the color-changing vinyl wrap will look spectacular under the Pacific sun, creating a unique color combo from every angle. Damn impressive!

You can grab a detailed look at this Tesla Model S Plaid build right below.

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