Coming Right From Miami: White Porsche Taycan On Vossen Wheels

White Porsche Taycan On Vossen Wheels

/ February 23, 2022 / 850 Views

As a gearhead, a white Porsche Taycan, channeling it’s inner Miami Vice vibe, Miami, Vossen Wheels and a gorgeous photoshoot of said vehicle is all you need to make your day great

This article comes with three of our most-loved things: electric performance machines, Miami and a photoshot  by William Stern. Oh, yes! And a set of clean looking Vossen HF-2 Hybrid Forged wheels. Enough to put a smile on your face while you’re having your morning coffee on a sunny February day.

We want to deal away with the whole “Tesla vs. any other EV model out there” debate right away. Not interested in that. Neither is Porsche interested in becoming a “Tesla Killer”, nor is Tesla interested in making Porsche run for their money. Both manufacturers offer great products. And for Porsche, range and sheer straight line speed were never the key goals for any of their vehicles, let alone the Taycan.

White Porsche Taycan On Vossen Wheels

The Taycan Turbo S features two Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors – one on each axle. Furthermore, the vehicle features an 800-volt performance battery integrated deep into the underbody. It allows the vehicle to use up to 761 horsepower, thanks to an overboost function, activated with launch control, allowing the Taycan Turbo S to fly off the line from a standstill to 100km/h (62mph) in just 2.8 seconds.

Finally, the vehicle is able to achieve a 388 – 412 kilometers (241 – 256 miles) combined WLTP range. Well, in ideal scenarios. We’ve been seeing reports of far less range achieved through some performance driving. Yes, you basically get a great luxury daily driver with moderate range, but also, a vehicle that handles exceptionally well. Something we’ve grown to accepting as a non-starter for Porsche cars.

White Porsche Taycan On Vossen Wheels

This particular Porsche Taycan Turbo S comes in a clean white exterior finish, adding a perfect Miami Vice aura for this photoshot. The vehicle comes from Vossen Wheels, whom have installed a set of their Vossen HF-2 Hybrid Forged wheels on this EV high-performance machine. In turn, the somewhat fudgly OEM wheels available for the Taycan are now replaced with some much-needed aftermarket awesomeness.

The wheels on this vehicle come sized 22×9.5 in the front and 22×11.5 in the rear and are adorned with a Gloss Black finish.

White Porsche Taycan On Vossen Wheels

And to make things fall into place perfectly, this Porsche Taycan build by Vossen Wheels is hot by one of the best automotive photographers in the world: William Stern. You can get a close & detailed look at his work in the media gallery right below. I’m sure some Porsche Taycan wallpapers will be headed for your desktop once you get your eyes on this shoot.

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