SEMA Show: ADV.1 Wheels Reveals New Flow Formed Wheels

SEMA Show: ADV.1 Wheels Reveals New Flow Formed Wheels

/ November 7, 2019 / 811 Views

ADV.1 is bringing back their Flowspec collection, certainly making tons of car owners happy, as they’ll finally be able to get a set of their wheels at a more approachable price point

After years of waiting, the well-known wheel maker ADV.1 Wheels is returning their Flowspec collection. What can be titled as a more affordable ADV.1 wheel, the Flowspec Series features some of the most known ADV.1 designs, but in a flow formed package. This means that you can now order a set of ADV.1’s for way less than a set of their custom-made forged wheels, giving your vehicle a unique aftermarket look.

Currently, we’ve yet to receive the pricing for these Flowspec wheels, but we believe they should be priced in the same ballpark as HRE FlowForm or Vorsteiner wheels; around $800-1000 per wheel. Naturally, don’t take this as fact, but please wait for the wheel maker to confirm them.

Right now, there will be three designs available: ADV5.0 Flowspec, ADV005 Flowspec, ADV08 Flowspec. The first one is a well-known design that’s been the staple of the wheel industry for several years. It will be a perfect fit for various applications such as the BMW M3, BMW M4, Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, Audi RS4, Audi RS5 or the likes of a Porsche 911 and the really popular Tesla Model 3 as well. On the other hand, the ADV005 brings on a bit of high-class right from the supercar world, conveying the design so popular with Lamborghini and Ferrari owners to the levels of $40-60k high-performance machines like the ones above. Finally, the ADV08 will definitely be a fan favorite as it brings an eight split-spoke design, impeccable build quality, gorgeous design cues and a wide range of standard and bespoke finishes.

Truth be told, I can see the ADV005 on my little BMW. That’s for sure.

You can grab a detailed look at all three wheels in the media gallery right below. The release date is still unsure, but we can probably expect these at your local dealers and online at the start of the new year for sure. Until then, we’re looking forward to builds featuring these wheels – which I’m sure will be lining up in the forthcoming months. Until then, enjoy the high-resolution images below.

ADV5.0 Flowspec Wheels

ADV005 Flowspec Wheels

ADV08 Flowspec Wheels

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