Video: ADV.1 x Dymag Carbon Fiber Wheels – Ford GT Design Works

Video: ADV.1 x Dymag Carbon Fiber Wheels – Ford GT Design Works

/ November 15, 2017 / 1391 Views

ADV.1 Wheels showed the future of the performance wheel industry at the 2017 SEMA Show. This venue saw the first public showing of the ADV7.2 CF.2 Advanced Series – the first wheel from its new Carbon Fiber wheel line. This new wheel is the result of an alliance with British carbon fiber wheel specialist, Dymag. The ADV.1 CF.2 wheel configuration was unveiled this morning at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas with a custom fitment on the ultra-exotic 2018 Ford GT.

The ADV7.2 is the first wheel to come from the strategic alliance between ADV.1 and British performance wheel manufacturer, Dymag Group. The CF.2 construction consists of an aerospace-grade 6061 forged aluminium center utilizing the recently launched lightweight ADV.1 Advanced Series design. It is paired with a patented Dymag BOXSTROM carbon fiber hybrid barrel. The two are joined by lightweight Tikore titanium hardware.

The result is a wheel that is up to 40% lighter than OEM cast aluminium wheels, with a corresponding 40% lower moment of inertia – meaning drivers will experience faster acceleration, sharper braking, as well as vastly superior handling; all without compromising safety.

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The alliance between ADV.1 and Dymag has resulted in an exclusive design and unrivalled performance. No other companies can bring together the design, engineering, and material expertise to deliver this level of performance, design and style.

“The ADV.1 CF.2 is just the latest example of ADV.1 redefining the limits of design and performance,” said Henrique Cisneros, Chairman of ADV.1. “The CF.2 offers ADV.1 customers a truly exclusive experience both in and out of their car.”

Chris Shelley CEO of Dymag Group said: “We are excited to partner with ADV.1. The company is known for pushing the limits of what is possible, and the CF.2 is a great example of that. ADV.1 and Dymag are pioneers in the wheel industry and the CF.2 combines the best of what our companies can do.”

The ADV.1 Carbon Fiber.2 wheel will be available in early 2018, representing the most exclusive wheel line available. For further information about the CF.2, please visit Meanwhile, check out the video of the Ford GT showcasing the design process of creating this revolutionary carbon fiber wheel right below.

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