Better Cooling For Tesla Model S Plaid Brakes: UP Releases Carbon Fiber Brake Duct Kit

Unplugged Performance 2021+ Tesla Model S Plaid Carbon Fiber Brake Ducting Kit

/ July 26, 2022 / 807 Views

The Unplugged Performance carbon fiber brake ducting kit for the 2021+ Tesla Model S and Model S Plaid is used to cool either the OEM or aftermarket carbon fiber ceramic brakes up to 93 degrees Celsius (200 degrees Fahrenheit) at the rotor and caliper, ensuring better braking performance and longevity of components

In most recent times we’ve seen several situations where brake cooling for the Tesla Model S Plaid was inadequate, even with some resulting in crashes. For many people who like to track their cars (or simply drive them harder), the rather heavy Model S Plaid needs a brake upgrade to make use of all of its power. In turn, people are adding carbon fiber brake kits like the one offered by Unplugged Performance. However, for some intensive road and especially track usage, even the carbon ceramic brakes need some help to stay cool. Hence, the aforementioned Tesla tuner released a brand new carbon fiber brake duct kit, engineered & designed to keep the brakes of this beast cooler.

The Unplugged Performance carbon fiber brake ducting kit has been carefully developed over more than a year of testing including Pikes Peak and multiple EV track-record runs.  We have developed a kit that not only works but works so well that we feel compelled to recommend it to anyone who is considering pushing their Tesla hard.  Front brakes do a vast majority of the work of stopping your Model S and greatly benefit from cooler operating temperatures under heavy use such as on a racetrack or other spirited driving environments.

Unplugged Performance 2021+ Tesla Model S Plaid Carbon Fiber Brake Ducting Kit

The brake duct kit is designed to increase performance, reliability, and component life for your brakes thanks to aerodynamically optimized front ducts and air guides for maximum effective airflow to the cooling veins and channels in most high-performance rotors. The even cooling of the rotors from the inside out provides for maximum component life. Furthermore, according to Unplugged Performance, they’ve measured a maximum temperature reduction on their Model S PLaid of over 93 degrees Celsius (200 degrees Fahrenheit) at the rotor and caliper – a staggeringly impressive drop in temperature that will certainly yield improved braking performance and longer component lifetimes as well.

The brake duct cooling kit is carefully designed to avoid interference with suspension articulation and wheel angle, while the magnetic front duct covers are used to avoid road debris entering the braking system. In turn, this will help avoid any range impact on road trips. In addition, this system is easy to install and remove without tools. The kit replaces the standard Tesla dust shield (no cutting of the metal dust shield). The only invasive part of the installation process is the cutting or removal of a plastic grill Tesla part – which is a $70 replacement part (with current part prices).

Unplugged Performance 2021+ Tesla Model S Plaid Carbon Fiber Brake Ducting Kit

The kit is compatible with standard any 2021+ Model S or Model S Plaid brakes as well as all UP brake kits, and likely any brake kit. UP advised that professional installation is utilized in a verified auto shop as components are specific to the left and right side of the vehicle, and cannot be interchanged.


  • 2x Carbon Fiber Front Duct Inlet
  • 2x Carbon Fiber Front Duct Inlet Cover
  • 2x Carbon Fiber Front Duct
  • 2x Carbon Fiber Rotor Air Guide (without clearcoat)
  • 2x High-Temperature Brake Hose
  • All required installation hardware

The kit starts at $1,795.00 and from what we hear, the kit is already sold out! Our sources at Unplugged Performance tell us that it’s best to order the kit as soon as possible, to avoid any long wait times for this highly coveted part. For a more detailed look at the Unplugged Performance 2021+ Tesla Model S carbon fiber brake kit, grab a look at the media gallery right below.

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