True Bliss Customs Matte Black BMW E92 M3 Photoshoot

True Bliss Customs Matte Black BMW E92 M3 Photoshoot

/ August 27, 2010 / 697 Views

First of all, let me say that this is probably the best matte black BMW E92 M3 out there! On of the sickest jobs that we saw! The people working over at True Bliss Customs really pulled one amazing project here! This mean-looking BMW M3 would probably be Darth Vader’s ride if he ever decided to ditch that Tie Fighter for something different. Yeah, we here possess a certain Star Wars fanbase equal to almost every member of the editorial staff, so don’t ask too many questions about that then.

Let’s get to more earthly things right now. The list of modifications done to the car is quite extensive, but let’s review what we have here. First of all, the front fascia is modified with a Vorsteiner front lip, which sits below the True Bliss H.I.D and Angel Eye Xenon conversion. We must not forget that Vorsteiner has something for us at the rear end, a carbon fiber rear diffuser sporting those quad exhaust pipes that no BMW M3 shouldn’t go without.

But what complete tuning project would be if no upgrades were done to the exhaust system? Even though the M division clearly knows what they are doing, those restrictions put on the manufacturers by certain norms, which are different in many countries, sometimes pose an obstacle to better performance. So True Bliss Customs made sure that this car gets better performance and sound, by putting a full custom racing exhaust system, featuring matte black 3.5″ tips.

Truebliss Customs Matte Black BMW E92 M3 Photoshoot

Taking care that this car looks good and stops even better, are the 20″ Vertini Henessy wheels which try to hide those large Atlantis Blue Brembo Gran Turismo BBK brakes. The matte black 3M film around the whole car should be clearly obvious? If not, let’s make that piece of information be included in the list here. For looks and handling the stock springs have been replaced by an H&R lowering springs kit, helping this car have an even more aggressive stance. The final visual modifications include 5% window tints all around and 15% windshield tints.

One amazing project which really put us on the spot to feature it on our site. Thanks to True Bliss Customs and Genuine Photography photographer Araik Yegiazaryan we got a chance to make it happen. Great job on the photography of this amazing project, so be sure to check more of his work later. Are we done with the praises about this project? Just one more thing, we really do like the pinstripe on the car. It’s there, we said it! Now here are the photographs so be sure to check them out and enjoy!

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