Porsche Carrera 996 4s By Genuine Photography

Porsche Carrera 996 4s By Genuine Photography

/ August 29, 2012 / 236 Views

How cool a car over ten years old actually be? If it were any other car we would have a hard time justifying the facts why we think this one is very cool, but when it comes to Porsche, years simply stop being important. Period.

These cars are gorgeous whether they be from the ’60s or ’90s these look great! Maybe one part of it is the namesake Porsche design that has stayed in almost the same form for the past half a decade, but let’s not get into that whole debate, shall we? Point being is these cars look sporty, sleek and awesome from the moment they were conceived and they stay that way long into their golden years.

The same has happened with the Porsche Carrera 996 4s we have to thank Genuine Photography for! A perfect example of why Porsche’s stay on the roads even long after their counterparts are taken into the scrap yard. Low, sporty, powerful and fast! Words that describe a Porsche 996 Carrera 4S best.

We are thankful to Araik Yegiazaryan for getting us these in a larger resolution! He is the go to guy if you need a photoshoot in SoCal done! The wallpapers are right below!

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