Volkswagen of America Announces 2025 ID. Buzz Offer Structure

Matija Pinko
Matija Pinko
May 14, 2024
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Volkswagen of America Announces 2025 ID. Buzz Offer Structure

Volkswagen of America, Inc. presented the offer structure for the 2025 ID. Buzz, the electric revival of the electric Microbus. The ID. Buzz will come in three trims: Pro S, Pro S Plus, and a limited-time 1st Edition to win over American consumers. Each model will have a 91 kWh battery and 282 horsepower for rear-wheel drive. With 335 horsepower, 4Motion® all-wheel-drive vehicles offer additional power. The vehicle’s range and price will be confirmed closer to launch.

Electric Performance Fused With Practicality

The 2025 VW ID. Buzz is a high-performance electric vehicle with powerful power, remarkable range, and improved driving dynamics. Volkswagen loaded the ID. Buzz with cutting-edge technology and engineering to fulfill current driver needs while honoring the Microbus.

ID. Buzz’s performance comes from its cutting-edge electric engine. All versions include 91 kWh battery packs for urban commutes and extended road journeys. This large battery capacity allows the ID. Buzz to produce steady power and a decent driving range, which will be revealed closer to launch.

The RWD variants have 282 horsepower. This power makes the ID. Buzz is practical and fun to drive, with robust acceleration and smooth, responsive driving. RWD is ideal for efficiency and rear-drive sensation.

For more power, 4Motion® all-wheel-drive (AWD) variants produce up to 335 horsepower. This setup drives the front and rear wheels with two electric motors for excellent traction and stability in various driving situations. AWD is useful for drivers in bad weather or who require additional power for difficult driving.

The ID. Buzz is designed for fun driving. Battery pack placement beneath the floor lowers its center of gravity, resulting in balanced handling and decreased body roll. This design keeps the ID. Buzz steady during aggressive driving.

Volkswagen fitted the ID. Buzz with a refined suspension system for comfort and performance. Tuning the suspension to absorb road irregularities achieves a smooth ride and accurate handling. The ID. Buzz is balanced enough for metropolitan streets and twisting country roads.

The ID Buzz steering system improves driving fun. Its rapid and accurate reflexes let drivers easily handle tight curves and perform precise turns. A family hauler and driver’s joy needs this amount of control.

Performance in the ID. Buzz goes beyond power and handling. Semi-automated driving is standard on all Volkswagen vehicles with IQ.DRIVE® advanced driver assistance. This features adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and emergency braking to improve safety and minimize driver fatigue on lengthy trips.

Driver-initiated lane change with Travel Assist is a highlight of IQ.DRIVE®. This mechanism lets the car change lanes safely and seamlessly when the driver indicates. By assuring exact lane changes, this device improves safety and convenience.

Park Assist Plus with Memory Parking is another ID Buzz sophisticated function. This device guides vehicles into tight parking spots with minimum effort. Memory Parking may even recall and recreate prior parking techniques, making familiar spaces easy.

Design and Features of 2025 VW ID. Buzz

The 2025 VW ID. Buzz elegantly blends vintage and modern styles, paying homage to the historic Microbus and showcasing modern automotive design. This mix of old and modern is visible in various ID. Buzz distinctive elements.

The ID. Buzz’s large Volkswagen emblem at the front is noticeable. This big logo connects the beloved old Microbus to its futuristic descendant. With its minimal overhangs, the vehicle’s shape, agility, and internal space complement the logo.

ID Buzz’s large greenhouse is another highlight. Large windows and a panoramic perspective boost vision for the driver and passengers and flood the cabin with natural light, providing an airy and open atmosphere. This design recalls the Microbus’s wrap-around windows, updated for safety and comfort.

VW ID. Buzz in yellow color

Door and Wheel Features

All ID Buzz variants have 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels. These wheels reinforce the vehicle’s strong posture, giving it a grounded appeal. The alloy structure makes the car lighter and more durable, improving efficiency and performance.

ID. Buzz’s dual power-sliding rear doors are a contemporary take on the Microbus’ sliding doors. These doors have Easy Open and Close for easy third-row access. Families and individuals who often load and unload passengers benefit from this functionality. The new, motorized sliding windows improve the vehicle’s usability.

Tailgate and Keyless Access

Every ID. Buzz comes with Volkswagen’s KESSY® advanced keyless access technology with proximity unlocking. Convenient and secure car entrance is made easy with this method. The three-door keyless entry includes the motorized tailgate and front doors. The tailgate’s Easy Open/Close makes loading and unloading freight easy. This is ideal for busy lifestyles, as easy car storage access saves time and effort.

Color Choices

ID Buzz’s exterior color selection is diverse to suit different interests. Two-tone variations are offered for a more colorful effect. Candy White tops with Energetic Orange, Pomelo Yellow, Blue Charcoal, Mahi Green, Metro Silver, Cabana Blue, or Indium Grey bottoms. Metro Silver on top and Cherry Red on bottom create a dramatic contrast.

Single-tone variations are available for a more subtle look. Metro Silver, Candy White, and Deep Black Pearl. These colors showcase the ID. Buzz’s sleek lines and assertive posture, letting owners express their personality via their vehicle choice.

Nostalgia With a Great Price Tag

The 2025 VW ID. Buzz’s external style merges classic Microbus characteristics with new functions and aesthetics. From the ID. Buzz’s large VW emblem and greenhouse to its 20-inch aluminum-alloy wheels and innovative keyless access system, every aspect has been carefully considered to honor the past and look ahead. The ID. Buzz lets you express yourself while preserving its timeless style with a variety of colorful and classic colors.

The 2025 Volkswagen ID. Buzz is expected to start at $50,000 and go up to $58,000, depending on trim and extras. Volkswagen has stated that the ID. Buzz will come in Pro S, Pro S Plus, and a special Launch Edition, but they have not announced price.

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Learn more about the ins and outs of the automotive industry, get the most recent aftermarket tuning projects & builds, all the recent product releases and more, delieved to your e-mail thanks to our non-instrusive, pretty awesome, kickass MCP newsletter. Subscribe today!