White BMW M3 by Carbon Fiber Kreations

A Gorgeous Vehicle, Shot BY William Stern

Carbon Fiber Kreations and Breed Wheels Alpine White BMW M3

/ January 20, 2010 / 79 Views

It’s quite pleasing when on some rainy day, you get a message that really brightens up your usually boring day. This was the case yesterday when I got a message from William Stern about the latest work he has done for a Florida-based company, named Carbon Fiber Kreations. The company produces high-quality carbon fiber modifications for luxury cars, and they do it quite well in our opinion. The first car we can publish from their collections is a really stunning White BMW M3 that is heavily modified and its sports background even more highlighted. The car is rolling on some nice black rims with a red stripe by Breed Wheels which really add the contrast, to the overall whiteness of the whole thing.

After the White Audi A5 photoshoot that we published last week, we have even more good photography for all the fans of warm weather and high-performance cars. This photoshoot portrays the White BMW M3 on roads surrounding Miami, which show you the beauty of the scenery and the car itself. Once again, William Stern did his work right! He got the best from the car, the scenery and the whole photoshoot really makes one nice addition to the overall collection of cool cars we have here. We can certainly say that there will be more news about Carbon Fiber Kreations here, with some cool photos and some nice rides included. Make sure you visit their website and find for yourself what kind of modifications they provide, so we can see even more modified cars that way.

Carbon Fiber Kreations and Breed Wheels Alpine White BMW M3 Desktop Wallpaper
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