Darth Vader’s BMW E92 335i Coupe by 1013MM Photography

Darth Vader’s BMW E92 335i Coupe by 1013MM Photography

/ February 28, 2012 / 537 Views

Oh, how we love comebacks! They produce that warm and fluffy feeling of something you are familiar with but haven’t seen it in a while. This is a real comeback in two cases. First, this photoshoot is brought to us by 1013MM Photography and its owner John Zhang, a guy who needs no introduction in the automotive photography world, and the second is this car. Stick with us for the explanation.

When this website was starting we made a decision to drop anything and everything that isn’t interesting enough to produce the jaw-dropping effect on both us and consequentially on our readers. So in that light and idea, featuring the Jet Black BW E92 335i Coupe Photoshoot by Leon Tang was a move in the right direction.

Posted back in October 2010 this article was one of the first we were really proud of. Completely detailed project, completely awesome photography work and one BMW 335i Coupe that any German car aficionado would want in his garage. Now this car is back. Like some movie saga’s antagonists were back.

BMW 335i By 1013MM SideYes, we are Star Wars fans and geeks around here, that goes with automotive pretty much excellent. So naming this a car that Darth Vader would drive if he was into BMW’s is a clear cut case for us. Jet Black, lowered, all black Dakota leather interior, black tinted on the windows, tasteful additions to the bodywork, almost the full list of BMW extras ordered and installed when purchased, BBS wheels. It is all there.

We wont bug you with what’s been installed in the original build, you have the older article to read about that. We will, however, go through what’s been installed lately. Namely, these new additions were the reason for this shoot.

Even though this is a prime example of German engineering and motorsports, the JDM fans will love what’s been installed. When you take a look at the photos, the first thing most of you petrolheads will scroll to is the engine bay shots. This now features a dominating appearance of Gruppe M intake, probably one of the most expensive intakes on the market for the E9x platform. Full handcrafted carbon fiber parts that go with the intake from the same company are clearly visible.

Each intake from the Gruppe M is handcrafted, precisely manufactured, then inspected and when everything is up to their high standards, it is given a serial number, making this a unique part, straight from Japan. Fast and Furious pun intended.

As anyone that has listened to an E92 335i engine in its stock form will undoubtedly come to the conclusion that this new intake produces one hell of a sounding car! Besides the intake, another JDM piece of engineering under the hood is a strut bar produced by Cusco. A cool looking piece of “performance first” selection of parts.

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Finally, the owner, Mister Alan Wei (for those who didn’t catch his name from the first article) had recently spent four months redoing his whole interior! That’s four months of intensive and sometimes annoyingly painstaking labor to complete this gorgeous interior! Naturally, it is all black Alcantara with leather diamond stitching. The Interior is just purely amazing!

Whether or not you feel the all blacked-out cars you will certainly appreciate the level of class and custom craftsmanship that went into completing this project. Thanks once again to John Zhang for the photos and Alan Wei for producing a drooling inducing BMW 335i project.

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