Matija Pinko
Matija Pinko
May 8, 2024
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NOVITEC always does an amazing job with their supercar tuning projects, but the NOVITEC FERRARI 296 GTB will take your breath away. Armed with 868 HP, a new aerodynamic design, and suspension that will change the way you perceive comfort, this is a project you’ll dream about.

NOVITEC FERRARI 296 GTB: An Even More Powerful Ferrari

The Ferrari 296 GTB is a beast of a car by its regular specs. By reengineering the core aspects of the Ferrari’s already formidable twin-turbo V6 engine, NOVITEC has managed to extract a staggering 868 horsepower, which is 38 HP more than the original. It may not sound as much, but keep in mind that Ferrari is already a manufacturer of high-end performance sports vehicles.

NOVITEC’s power augmentation relies on specialized high-efficiency turbo inlets. These components are painstakingly developed to enhance turbocharger airflow. These inlets optimize air intake to eliminate turbo lag and provide power faster. The engine’s efficiency, throttle responsiveness, and horsepower increase, making driving more exciting.

High-performance NOVITEC exhaust with sports catalysts complements turbo inlets. This device improves gas flow, letting the engine breathe easier. Increased power output is due to the exhaust system minimizing back pressure and letting the twin-turbo V6 engine shine. Sports catalysts reduce exhaust emissions without compromising performance, meeting contemporary environmental criteria.

The NOVITEC FERRARI 296 GTB prioritizes both practicality and aesthetics in its material mastery of stainless steel and INCONEL alloy. High-grade stainless steel and INCONEL alloy exhaust systems are offered. Durability and corrosion resistance make stainless steel appropriate for long-term performance in harsh circumstances. NOVITEC provides an INCONEL exhaust system for maximum performance and aesthetics. This alloy, used in aerospace and Formula 1 racing, is strong and heat-resistant at a tenth of the weight of typical materials, improving performance and fuel economy.

NOVITEC Ferrari 296 GTB Exhaust

To enhance heat management, NOVITEC provides the option to plate the INCONEL exhaust system with 999 pure gold. Gold isn’t only for luxury; its reflective characteristics assist in managing heat. Gold coating keeps engine temperatures ideal, even in high-performance or racing situations, by reflecting heat away from the engine and exhaust. This boosts engine efficiency and showcases NOVITEC’s unparalleled quality and design.

The exhaust system is visually appealing and seamlessly incorporated into the vehicle’s appearance. Its exhaust tips, including those with 999 fine gold plating, match the car’s rear aesthetics and improve its sound and appearance. The NOVITEC Ferrari 296 GTB’s exquisite fit and finish improve its overall attractiveness and give the engine a deep, resonant tone that suggests its increased power.

Supercharging Style and Aerodynamics

If you like carbon, you’ll love the NOVITEC Ferrari 296 GTB! NOVITEC’s use of exposed-structure carbon for the Ferrari 296 GTB’s bodywork components is a testament to their dedication to blending superior aesthetics with cutting-edge aerodynamic engineering.

High-performance automotive applications benefit from exposed-structure carbon fiber’s stiffness, strength-to-weight ratio, and fatigue resistance. NOVITEC chooses this material for its mechanical qualities and unique look. The carbon fiber weave adds depth and refinement to the car’s appearance, indicating its high-performance character.

Each NOVITEC Ferrari 296 GTB carbon fiber component has a high-gloss clear lacquer to protect it from the weather and accentuate its inherent beauty. This surface dynamically reflects light, emphasizing the vehicle’s sharp lines and curves for a more aggressive, modern aspect.

NOVITEC’s carbon components are meticulously developed to improve vehicle aerodynamics as well as appearance. Advanced fluid dynamics software and wind tunnel testing ensure each piece reduces aerodynamic drag and increases downforce. The automobile has less lift at high speeds, improving stability and grip for faster, safer cornering.

NOVITEC Ferrari 296 GTB side

The front lip spoiler optimizes airflow over the car’s nose and underbody. This component efficiently directs air around the sides and over the top of the automobile, minimizing front-end lift and increasing aerodynamics. It also improves central air intake efficiency by routing more cold air into the engine compartment, which is essential for high-speed engine performance.

From the back, the ducktail rear spoiler is more than just decorative. This design balances downforce between the front and rear axles through aerodynamic optimization. This balance is essential for automobile stability at high speeds and during dynamic maneuvers like sharp corners and sudden stops. The ducktail spoiler stabilizes the rear end, prevents aerodynamic lift, and keeps the car rooted by fine-tuning airflow.

NOVITEC examines the vehicle’s aerodynamic profile while employing carbon fiber. Integrating components ensures they work together to decrease drag and enhance downforce. The NOVITEC Ferrari 296 GTB is as fun to drive on a racetrack as it is on a gorgeous coastal road thanks to its holistic design.

Working with Vossen Wheels

NOVITEC designed the customized NOVITEC NF11 wheels with U.S. wheel maker Vossen to complement the advanced suspension system. Five twin-spokes and centerlock-style hub caps make these wheels look great and perform well. These wheels fulfill durability and weight reduction criteria and come in 72 hues to suit individual tastes.

Modern forging methods make the wheels strong without sacrificing weight. Forging technology creates a denser, harder wheel with improved fatigue resistance, essential for high-speed driving’s dynamic loads. The 21-inch front wheels and 22-inch rear wheels enhance the vehicle’s stance, improving its aerodynamics, handling, and aggressive look. Staggered configuration improves weight distribution and traction, improving driving enjoyment.

These meticulously crafted tweaks improve the NOVITEC Ferrari 296 GTB’s handling, delivering an exhilarating performance that complements its stunning appearance.

NOVITEC Ferrari 296 GTB wheels

Suspension of The Future

NOVITEC’s handling improvements come from precisely designed coilover suspensions and sports springs. Lowering the vehicle’s ride height by 35 millimeters reduces the vehicle’s center of gravity, which is crucial for high-performance sports vehicles. This lower center of gravity reduces body roll while cornering enhances stability, and makes the driver feel more planted, especially at high speeds and tight corners.

The NOVITEC FERRARI 296 GTB uses a cutting-edge coilover suspension system with changeable settings for driving situations and personal preferences. This adaptability allows a mix of comfort and performance on the racetrack and on the road.

NOVITEC incorporates a hydraulic front lift system to address the practicalities of driving a low-ground-clearance sports vehicle. This novel innovation lets the Ferrari driver elevate the front end by 40 millimeters using a button. This is useful for handling speed bumps, steep driveways, and uneven roads in cities. Once the car hits 80 km/h, the technology automatically lowers it to its original ride height for maximum convenience and aerodynamic performance during daily rides.

But let’s not keep you suspended anymore, you can find a gallery of this amazing car below!


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Learn more about the ins and outs of the automotive industry, get the most recent aftermarket tuning projects & builds, all the recent product releases and more, delieved to your e-mail thanks to our non-instrusive, pretty awesome, kickass MCP newsletter. Subscribe today!