Tesla Adjusts Prices For The 4th Time In A Month

Tesla Adjusts Prices For The 4th Time In A Month

/ February 17, 2023 / 313 Views

Both the Model 3 and Model Y saw price cuts back in January, and now, the California-based carmaker is changing prices for their two best-selling models yet again, with the Model 3 becoming cheaper, whilst the Model Y becoming a bit more expensive in some trim levels

Another month, another pricing update for Tesla vehicles. The latest move, signifying yet another price change in little over a month, makes some of their lineup cheaper, some more expensive. The Tesla Model 3 will be priced less, with the base price now $42,990, $500 less than it was just a week ago. For the Model 3 Performance, the pricing stays the same. Furthermore, the carmaker is still not taking orders for the Long Range model in the United States, in expectation of the slight refresh that’s definitely coming in the future months.

The Model Y, however, will become a bit more expensive. The Model Y Performance price has been increased by $1,000, costing $58,990 to start. For the Model Y Long Range, the price remains the same, and it starts at $54,990. And while the carmaker isn’t taking any new orders on the Model Y Standard Range, some units still remain in their inventor, allowing you to order those still. However, the price for those has increased by $500, and the car now starts at $51,490.

Both the Model 3 and Model Y saw some major price cuts back in January, stoking fear about a major EV price war headed our way. However, Tesla has subtly adjusted the prices for both vehicles several times since then.

The Tesla Model 3 Refresh Is Coming

The highly anticipated refresh of the Model 3 is definitely coming soon, per our sources in the industry. It will feature slight design improvements, and a better infotainment and media system, joined by an even more minimalistic interior. While certainly still fresh as when it came out, the Model 3 needs a few slight touches to make it the best-looking electric vehicle in its price range once again. And judging by the fact that Tesla isn’t taking orders for the Long Range trim anymore, the design update is slated to be released rather soon.

Red Multi-Coat Tesla Model 3 Wallaper
Red Multi-Coat Tesla Model 3 Wallaper

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