Novitec Gives A Prepossessing View At The Tesla Model S

Novitec Gives A Prepossessing View At The Tesla Model S

/ December 16, 2017 / 1283 Views

After several unsuccessful takes at Tesla Model S exterior modding – done by several other aftermarket car tuners – it seems Novitec is first that finally pulled off a stylish solution for this vehicle. While many argue the Tesla Model S is one of the finest designed vehicles on the market – to which we agree – the vehicle is a bit long in the tooth, as its design is over 6 years old. Luckily, with companies like Novitec, refined style that returns the vehicle’s exterior appeal back to relevance is a well-known fact. Their Model S tuning program is no different.

For the Model S, Novitec has created a carbon fiber body kit for the post-2016 facelift version of the electric sedan. The carbon fiber aero kit includes a front spoiler lip, rocker panels, a rear spoiler lip and a diffuser. Novitec also claims that the parts improve the overall aerodynamic features of the vehicle. To an extent, the body kit gives the Tesla Model S both a refined and an aggressive appearance. Some will consider it too much for a luxury sedan, but we can definitely appreciate the design language that Novitec showcases here.

Novitec x Vossen Wheels Model S Wallpaper

Furthermore, after the exterior body kit solution was done, the company decided to upgrade the wheel department as well.

The wheels for the Novitec Model S come from their cooperation with Vossen Wheels. The wheels are called Vossen x Novitec NV-2 and they are a high-quality forged wheel solution. This means they are lightweight. It also means perfect fitment – as they are custom machined for this specific application. For the Novitec Tesla Model S, these wheels offer a directional slanted five-spoke design, ensuring they are “always in an aerodynamically optimal position relative to the airflow”.

The wheels are sized 21×9 and 21×9.5 in the front and rear, respectively. To make an impressive visual impact, the wheels are also adorned with an Imperial Gold finish. Novitec offers these wheels in 72 different color variants and also, in a brushed or polished finish.

Novitec also offers a coilover setup, slated for Model S applications that are not fitted with an air suspension. With this setup, the ride height of the Model S equipped with coilovers can be lowered by as much as 40mm and the ride quality settings can be set at Comfort, Normal and Sport. For the Model S that comes with an air suspension system, Novitec offers a lowering module that allows the vehicle to be lowered by up to 25mm as well.

Novitec x Vossen Wheels Model S Wallpaper

Finally, owners can opt-in for the Novitec carbon-ceramic high-performance brake system. The system is available in two versions; the first one comes with 380x34mm vented discs and six-piston front calipers while the second one adds a pair of 360x28mm discs for the rear axle, along with four-piston calipers. That’s plenty of stopping power for almost any high-performance driving scenario.

Naturally, Novitec can also spice up the interior based on your ideas and requests, turning your Model S into a truly customized and personalized item by every mean. Check out the complete media gallery of the Novitec Model S tuning program right below.

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