Rumors: Next-Gen Toyota Supra Could Be All-Electric

Rumors: Next-Gen Toyota Supra Could Be All-Electric

/ February 26, 2023 / 212 Views

Rumors are that the fifth-generation Toyota Supra A90 will go out with a bang, followed by a fully-electric sixth-generation version of the highly popular coupe

Ever since the new Toyota Supra A90 was released, a lot of talks have been going on about the engine and powertrain of the fifth-gen performance model from the Japanese car maker. And while the vehicle has been a notable success, producing impressive sales, and coming with rather good performance and handling, the pundits & enthusiasts alike were arguing that the car needed more power and overall, a more tune-happy engine. Whilst we can all either agree or disagree with that, the A90 Supra is here to stay, and overall, it’s been a good call from the carmaker.

However, there are a lot of rumors floating around about the future of the Supra. Just like some other high-performance coupes, the market is shrinking in regard to the sales volume and demand for such vehicles. In turn, it would make a lot of sense to put an all-electric powertrain into the next-gen Supra. After all, it’s simpler, easier to develop, comes with fewer parts involved, and can be made to deliver blazing off-the-line speed, and, thanks to the battery pack all the way at the bottom of the car (low center of gravity), ensure impressive cornering performance.

2023 Toyota Supra A90 in Stratosphere Blue
2023 Toyota Supra A90 in Stratosphere Blue

In turn, the sixth-generation Toyota Supra could be based on the automaker’s e-TNGA platform, where the latest buzz out of Japan suggests that the iconic sports car may be going electric and could arrive in showrooms as early as 2026. Sure, these are all rumors, but we think they might have a lot of validity overall.

According to rumors, the production of the current Supra will continue until 2025 when it will be retired in style with a special GRMN variant, followed by a potentially all-electric sixth-generation Supra following after

Last week, a report from BestCarWeb claims that production of the current Supra will continue until 2025 when it will be retired in style with a special GRMN variant. According to this report, this is said to be the last Supra with an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) and could feature a 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo engine from BMW, set to produce a staggering 542 horsepower. In turn, this could be one of the best bang-for-buck high-performance coupes one could buy, resulting in new performance heights for this vehicle.

The replacement, the sixth-generation Toyota Supra, could retain the RWD (rear-wheel-drive) setup, but it could be based on the updated version of the automaker’s e-TNGA architecture.

And boy, would a sleek, nimble, and powerful all-electric Supra, adorned with a refreshed design and impressive power, be a thing to behold. In the end, if Toyota can keep the weight down, make it run the 0-100km/h (0-62mph) at around 3.0 seconds, tune the suspension for the heavier car (due to the battery pack inside), and make it cost below $50,000, it would be one of the hottest items on the market in 2026. Hopefully, that will be realized, and we’ll get to enjoy yet another great high-performance coupe with great handling. However, for now, these are all rumors and we are yet to get any confirmation of anything written above. But it would sure be a great thing for us car nuts, that’s for sure.

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