Clean High-Gloss Silver Tesla Model X Build By Unplugged Performance

Clean High-Gloss Silver Tesla Model X Build By Unplugged Performance

/ January 25, 2023 / 365 Views

A clean color-changing High-Gloss Silver Paint Protection Film (PPF), ceramic coating, aftermarket wheels & carbon fiber aero, lowering kit and an aftermarket carbon fiber big brake kit, grace this gorgeous Tesla Model X build

You might not look at the 2022 Tesla Model X like a performance machine we usually write about on our website, but this all-electric SUV is just that. It is a pure beast in Plaid trim, where it can sprint from 0-96km/h (0-60mph) in just 2.5 seconds – which are supercar numbers. On the other hand, even in standard dual-motor all-wheel-drive trim, the Model X can accelerate in a whopping 3.8 seconds – a pretty impressive feat for a full luxury people carrier that can accommodate 7 passengers, a whole lot of cargo and achieve an estimated range of 560 kilometers (348 miles).

So, what can you do when you have a vehicle as popular as the Tesla Model X, one that requires just a tad of aftermarket customization to make it pop? You turn to the experts in the field. And in the case of Tesla, that’s definitely Unplugged Performance.

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When Hiroki – the owner of this Model X – came to Unplugged Performance to refine his 2022 Tesla Model X, the goal was simple: make an impactful, albeit clean & simple upgrade. First, the Tesla specialists turned to their partners at Bulletproof Auto Spa, one of Los Angeles’ premier detailing facilities, where this Model X received a color-changing High-Gloss Simple Silver Cosmetic Paint Protection Film (PPF), turning the exterior of this all-electric SUV into an understated gorgeous look.

To protect this investment, the detailing company followed by a full vehicle Gyeon Q2 Infinite Base Type 1 ceramic coating, ensuring this investment is fully protected for years to come.

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After the detailing part of the build was done, Unplugged Performance followed by two simple, yet impactful additions: an Unplugged Performance x Koenigsegg carbon fiber long tail decklid spoiler and a set of UP-03 monoblock forged wheels. The carbon fiber spoiler is the latest product born out of their cooperation with one of the world’s most advanced carbon fiber production facilities: Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing.

It features the most aerodynamic shape in nature; a teardrop. Teardrop aerodynamic shapes have been utilized by all levels of motorsports, as well as by Tesla themselves with the Model 3 Performance trunk spoiler and in Unplugged’s own High-Efficiency designs.

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In keeping with clean lines and aerodynamic principles, the Model X Long Tail Decklid Spoiler was created. This trunk spoiler elongates the natural lines of the Model X hatch to streamline airflow over and off the back of the car to reduce turbulence. Additionally, the spoiler seamlessly integrates with the rear hatch, lights, and quarter panels to provide a subtle lengthening of the body, thus smoothing airflow and providing a more dynamic rear profile. It also looks impressive, giving the rear end of the Tesla Model X an impressive visual upgrade.

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In the wheel department, this Model X owner went with a set of UP-03 wheelssized 22×10 in the front and 22×10 in the rear, finished in Satin Black. While the visual appeal is clear, under the hood, these wheels are some of the lightest options available for Tesla applications. They are designed & engineered with the specific requirements of heavy, performance-oriented electric cars in mind, delivering an uncompromising wheel that offers impressive fitment, alongside a great visual upgrade and light weight. Perfect for an application like this, giving the vehicle a nice upgrade. Furthermore, the 2021+ Tesla Model X Sports Dynamic Air Suspension Upgrade (Lowering) Kit was installed, ensuring the stance & look are improved even more.

The final touch for this Model X is the 2021+ Tesla Model X carbon ceramic front big brake kit (BBK), ensuring the stopping power is improved. The Model X is one of the fastest street cars on earth and decelerating 5000+ lbs quickly, repeatedly and with consistent driver confidence is a big challenge. In turn, pushing your car anywhere near its limits requires a braking system that can take a beating from high-weight-high-g-force stops exerting incredible forces repeatedly. As a result, the Unplugged Performance Carbon-Ceramic Front Big Brake Kit (BBK) is designed to significantly increase this capacity.

You can grab a detailed look at this build in the media gallery right below.

Clean High-Gloss Silver Tesla Model X Build By Unplugged Performance
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