Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model S Plaid With UP x KAM Carbon Fiber Spoiler and BBK Kit

Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model S Plaid

/ June 14, 2022 / 1052 Views

Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model S Plaid seen here comes with a UP x Koenigsegg Carbon Fiber Long Tail Trunk Spoiler and an Unplugged Performance Carbon-Ceramic Big Brake (BBK) body kit

When Unplugged Performance revealed their cooperation with K.A.M (Koenigsegg Automotive Manufacturing), we were thrilled as it meant that the Tesla owners will get high-quality, race-derived aftermarket parts that not only enhance the looks of their cars but offer improved performance and/or range as well. In turn, all the $29.99 parts from Alibaba and eBay can now take a step back, as proper carbon fiber aero additions for Tesla vehicles are coming.

Blue Metallic Tesla Model S Plaid With UP x KAM Carbon Fiber Spoiler and BBK Kit

Unplugged Performance x Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing collaboration parts open up the world of multi-million dollar Hypercar quality for your Tesla. All Unplugged Performance x Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing carbon fiber products are built on the same production line as the carbon fiber aerodynamics used on Koenigsegg’s world-beating Hypercars. All items are produced in Koenigsegg’s proprietary carbon fiber weave, manufactured in prepreg carbon fiber, produced in an autoclave and finished in a UV protectant clear coat finish. This special production partnership has been years in the making and is born out of a mutual respect between the two brands. Experience a piece of Hypercar royalty on your Tesla with this limited production item!

This particular 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid comes with a beautiful Deep Blue Metallic finish. However, it’s the Unplugged Performance Model S Long Tail Spoiler that takes the cake on this vehicle. Truly a staple of Unplugged’s race-derived parts, the long tail spoiler has long been one of the best-selling products this California-based company offers. And now, it’s available as an even more high-quality part, thanks to it being produced in collaboration with KAM (Koenigsegg Automotive Manufacturing).

Blue Metallic Tesla Model S Plaid With UP x KAM Carbon Fiber Spoiler and BBK Kit

The part is produced in collaboration with Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing in Europe, now imbued with the world’s most spectacular supercar manufacturing prowess.  The most aerodynamic shape in nature is a teardrop. Teardrop aerodynamic shapes have been utilized by all levels of motorsports, as well as by Tesla themselves with the Model 3 Performance trunk spoiler, but also, the Unplugged Performance High-Efficiency designs. The long tail spoiler was created in keeping with the car’s clean lines and all the aerodynamic principles. In turn, the trunk spoiler elongates the natural lines of the Model S hatch to streamline airflow over and off the back of the car to reduce turbulence.


  • Produced from Koenigegg’s proprietary design autoclaved dry carbon fiber to help keep overall weight low, while maintaining high-rigidity
  • Signature Koenigsegg carbon fiber weave throughout
  • Available in a gloss clear coat, high shine finish on the exterior
  • CFD developed ultra aero efficient low drag design
  • Easy installation with 3M double-sided tape
  • Allows use of the original rear emblem
  • Made in the EU by Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing exclusively for Unplugged Performance

The spoiler gives the Model S Plaid a more elongated, sleeker look. It fits the body of the Plaid perfectly, creating a unique offering for owners that like to take it up a notch. Sure, for a price of $2,995, this isn’t your cheap knock off that you’ll use 3M tape to fit it to the car. It’s more the liking of the Porsche rear spoilers, functional, unique, and breathtakingly beautiful. In turn, we have no qualm that this item will find its home on a number of Tesla Model S vehicles out there.

This particular Model S Plaid also features the highly-coveted Unplugged Performance Carbon-Ceramic Big Brake Kit, a great upgrade for this rather heavy performance electric vehicle. It allows it to stop better, giving you better lap times and a safer on-track experience, something that even Tesla addressed with the release of their own carbob fiber brake upgrade. However, the one from Unplugged Performance can be ordered & shipped right away for an aftermarket upgrade.

In the meantime, grab a detailed look at this particular build in the media gallery below.

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