Alpine White Widebody BMW M4 Looks Great On Red Wheels

Alpine White Widebody BMW M4 Looks Great On Red Wheels

/ November 22, 2016 / 2280 Views

Whatever you may say, a widebody BMW M4 is always an interesting sight. The vehicle simply absorbs all the tomfoolery in the bumper department, giving the already aggressive vehicle, an even more aggressive stance overall.

The same has been applied to this Alpine White BMW M4. It comes with a full widebody conversion, a set of KINETIK Wheels – built by Vossen – together with some interesting solutions as far as the body goes – in every area of this vehicle. The whole build looks classy, specially with the nicely added red details in almost every part of the body kit + the wheels.

KINETIK may be a new player on the field of aftermarket aerodynamics, but the people behind the company have been in the field for a long time. Back in 2008, they’ve collaborated with the creative engine at OSSdesigns, developing their first custom body kit for the BMW E92 M3, named Project Titan. They have followed up with two more body kits for the BMW F10 550i and the Audi RS5. With this, they’ve became enamored with the ins and outs of the design process and so it began. Their future in aerodynamic parts and wheels became clear.

“Our objective was to reach the top tiers of cosmetic enhancements for any vehicle owner. We wanted to bring aggressive minimalism, enhancing the stock appearance wherever possible without losing the integrity of OEM appeal. To do this we started an arduous process of training and saving for our launch.” – KINETIC

With this, the end result is a striking and well built aero kit for one of the world’s most popular high-performance vehicles. Their BMW M4 add-on kit comes in FRP and CF – a great solution for different people and their needs, allowing owners to fully update the looks of their cars. Alongside a set of wheels, built by Vossen Wheels, they have a nicely interesting package going on there.

The KINETIK aero kit comes with a front spoiler, wide wheel arches in the front, side skirts, wide wheel arches in the rear, alongside a wide rear bumper and a rear decklid spoiler – all with nice red touches, matching the aftermarket forged wheels nicely. Check out the full media gallery of the KINETIC aero program for the BMW M4, alongside a set of their wheels, available in the media gallery below.

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