BMW 335i Photoshoot by 1013MM Photography

BMW 335i Photoshoot by 1013MM Photography

/ May 12, 2020 / 19 Views

We got John Zhang from 1013MM Photography again on our site! One of the best in the business, it seems that almost all of his work we featured involves a BMW. This time being no different, we got such a gorgeous set of photos, that I’ll try to keep this short!

A BMW 335i that has been turned into a menacing example of a car has really been through some extensive modifications. But as we usually do things backwards over here, we’ll drop the full path of this car from an ugly duckling into this, well, certainly not a swan, but something that looks like it might tear up the road behind it!

Taken in the early morning, with help of his assistant Jason and the owner Darren, these really show off the scenery, the car, the atmosphere of an early morning Pacific Coast set in its true beauty. Californian scenery in the early morning, no traffic at all, only the car, nature and a talented photographer. Perfect wouldn’t you say?

These were featured in this month’s BMW Performance Magazine, so support them guys too and get a hold of your own personal copy! It is definitely worth it!


BMW 335i Photoshoot By 1013MM Photography
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