Solid Black Tesla Model Y Gets UP x BBS Flugplatz Wheels

Solid Black Tesla Model Y Gets UP x BBS Flugplatz Wheels

/ March 17, 2022 / 1155 Views

This Solid Black Tesla Model Y comes with a set of UP x BBS ligthweight flow-formed wheels, giving this EV a great look

We simply love it when two companies synonymous for cutting-edge craftsmanship & engineering join forces, resulting in a rather interesting product. Even though Unplugged Performance doesn’t have the history as BBS Wheels in terms of time, they are at the forefront of product development for Tesla vehicles. In turn, the UP x BBS Flugplatz wheels are a perfect blend of old and new, creating a unique looking wheel that caters to the specific demands of a platform such as the Tesla Model Y.

For the most part, BBS’s reputation is second to none. From F1 to equipping the world’s fastest supercars, BBS is a world leader in quality and performance. BBS also happens to be the pioneer of flow-forming technology which they’ve been using and perfecting since their Ferrari F430 challenge wheels popularized the technology years ago.

The Flugplatz wheel utilizes BBS flow-forming technology to make an extremely strong and weight-optimized wheel that is built for a lifetime of daily driven abuse. These wheels are TÜV SÜD approved and tested beyond 2,000,000 load cycles and with a vehicle weight rating exceeding 6000lbs making them conservatively strong enough for even the largest SUVs. In destructive testing, a single wheel has exceeded 3800lbs of load.

Solid Black Tesla Model Y Gets UP x BBS Flugplatz Wheels

Made Just For Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

The UP X BBS Flugplatz Wheels are developed specifically for the Model 3 and Model Y applications. Unlike most aftermarket wheels, where one size fits all philosophy is used, these wheels are sized perfectly just for these two applications. In turn, they accept the OEM TPMS sensors, Tesla factory lug nut and come with the Tesla correct center bore dimensions as well, resulting in a worry free install & use as well.

Unplugged Performance bases the sizes for these wheels on the thousands of Model 3 and Model Y owners they’ve worked with in the recent years, providing them with ample expertise in choosing the right sizes and fitments. The UP x BBS Flugplatz wheels are sized of 20×9 with an ET32 in the front and 20×9 with an ET32 in the rear, allowing all factory 20” Tesla tires to be swapped over and fitted for both Model 3 and Model Y. The correct tire sizing range is 235 to 275 wide which also allows track enthusiasts to go up to 275 wide front and rear if desired. The Flugplatz is also designed to clear the UP BFB 6 piston big brake kits with 15.5” rotors.

Solid Black Tesla Model Y Gets UP x BBS Flugplatz Wheels

Furthermore, these wheels weigh just 12.7 kilograms or 28lbs for the 20×9″ sizes, resulting in one of the lightest wheels available for this application. Include the BBS exclusive flow-formed technology, the exact same as BBS has supplied to Ferrari and Porsche, alongside the TÜV SÜD approval, stemming from beyond 2,000,000 load cycle tests, 10 times the TÜV SÜD requirement, and you’ve got a wheel that will undoubtedly be a hotly required item in the aftermarket world.

These specific wheels come in a gorgeous Asteroid Graphite finish, contrasting the yellow Tesla big brake calipers perfectly. Furthermore, they work pretty good against the Solid Black exterior of this Tesla Model Y as well.

You can grab a detailed look at this EV build in the media gallery right below.

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