White Nissan GTR Warehouse Photoshoot

White Nissan GTR Warehouse Photoshoot

/ January 13, 2010 / 258 Views

Anyone of you have a case of split personality? A kindish Black & White feature that produces good and evil sides of your personality perhaps? Why are we askin’ this? Because we kind of have a bad case of it these days. After the awesome Black Nissan GTR photoshoot done by William Stern … we have another Nissan GTR photoshoot, this time in white! And one more great news for our readers. It seems that, besides sporting awesome rides in Miami the same Florida city has plentifull of talented photographers! Today we have the honor of introducing you a young, but very talented photographer from Miami who’s name is Jasen Delgado and he runs his own automotive photography website named Auto Motion Photo so be sure to check out his website.

After talking with Jasen for a few times, we realized that the guy has great potential, even though he is only 16 years old. Located in Miami, where there is plentiful of exotic and fast cars to photograph, he developed his skills and taste for the automotive world in his early age. After taking photographs at his local exotic car dealerships like “The Collection” with his point ‘n’ shoot camera, he quickly developed his talent to more serious work.

After a while, he made his name in the local car meets, where he gathered plenty of contacts. This meant that he will have more and more customers which desired to take this guys talent, and archive their favorite cars in their photo albums to be kept for future generations then. The first big job, which was to take photos of a used luxury & exotic car dealership inventory to use on eBay, helped him to buy his first DSLR, a Nikon d300 and after that business skyrocketed. And now he is providing professional photoshoots to individuals and automotive companies in south Florida and his business haven’t slowed down since that.

If you wish to contact him, hire him for a photoshoot or to buy his prints, you can do this by contacting him over the telephone at 305-484-9145 or by sending him an e-mail over at [email protected] so we can all get more quality work from him. Maybe even feature some of your rides, here on our website then.

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