Guy Buys a Lamborghini With $115 in Bitcoin Money

Guy Buys a Lamborghini With $115 in Bitcoin Money

/ October 25, 2017 / 1362 Views

Well, we’re all kinda feeling stupid right now, aren’t we? While some of our more eccentric friends are now swimming in dough – thanks to their newly found BitCoin money – some of us naysayers are left of with a bad taste in our mouths due to non believer status a few years back. Add insult to injury, this guy just bought a Lamborghini Huracan with $115 in BitCoin money, making the decision to not invest into the cryptocurrency a few years back – a rather dumb one.

Basically, he bought a few BitCoin with an investment of a few hundred dollars a few years back. What now seems like a farsighted decision, pretty much raised a few eyebrows back then. Well, for Peter Saddington of VINwiki that decision now allowed him to buy a Huracan with only a few hundred bucks of a long forgotten investment. After sitting on a trove of Bitcoin, he decided that he would be what he claims is the first person to buy a Lamborghini with his cryptocurrency.

All we can say is congratulations! No better way than to rub it into everyone’s face how wrong they were, than buying a Lamborghini. Check out the full video of his experience below.

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