Jaguar Just Made A Hilarious Ad Poking Mercedes-Benz
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Jaguar Just Made A Hilarious Ad Poking Mercedes-Benz

/ December 12, 2013 / 20 Views

Just when you thought the marketing war exchanges were behind us, Jaguar comes up with something so ridiculous and funny we had to laugh like crazy over here. In the most recent stab at the competition, Jaguar just poked Mercedes-Benz and their previous advertisement featuring a chicken. Yes. A chicken.

Mercedes-Benz promoted their Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive MAGIC BODY CONTROL which ensures optimum driving comfort. Which is fine and we support it. But … the Jaguar response, so damn epic! Just to be clear here, the Mercedes-Benz commercial was pure genius and funny as well, the Jaguar response is simply epic.

Check both ads right below and let us know which one you found funnier and more entertaining. We are eagerly awaiting a response from the German car manufacturer and judging by previous exchanges over in United States, we shouldn’t wait too long.

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