UP x Öhlins Nür SPL TTX 4-Way Coilover Set for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y Released

UP x Öhlins Nür SPL TTX 4-Way Coilover Set for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y Released

/ September 16, 2022 / 498 Views

Developed and tested at the Nürburgring, these UP x Öhlins Nür SPL TTX 4-Way Coilovers provide the ultimate in on-track suspension performance, giving Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners a perfect racing suspension upgrade

For Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners, getting better lap times just got a hell of a lot easier. After all, some owners of these two cars (especially Model 3 owners) who like to track their cars are putting a hefty ton of money and effort into their builds, and getting more in terms of cornering performance is always a welcome product. For most, coilovers are the most important upgrade one can do to improve cornering performance and ultimately, lap times.

Until now, you had a lot of options that ranged from luxury coilovers, designed to improve performance, but also the ride feel to the race-valved coilovers, a more aggressive setup that is just a step level below a true racing suspension. However, since a few days ago, owners that want a true race-prepped coilover system for their Model 3 and Model Y are now presented with yet another option: the UP x Öhlins Nür SPL TTX 4-Way Coilover set.

UP M.3 Ohlins TTx Coil Over 12 1200x1200 1

Developed exclusively through hundreds of laps at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, this Unplugged Performance x Ohlins TTX system represents the pinnacle of motorsports engineering and the ultimate racing coilover kit for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y platforms. This product was created for owners that look for further adjustability beyond Unplugged Performance 1-Way Race Spec Coilovers or their 2-way or 3-way Pro Race Coilovers.

And thanks to these, they now have the option of a fully-fledged 4-way adjustable racing Coilover system built on the same tech stack as is used by many professional race car applications such as GT3, Super GT, and DTM.

Unplugged Performance Pearl White Multi Coat Tesla Model 3 At Nurburgring UP x BBS Flugplatz Wheels Image 3 1200x800 1

Expert-level drivers will benefit from the ultimate control and adjustability, and enthusiast-level drivers will appreciate how well these work over any road surface due to years of demanding development on the world’s most diverse race track.  As a result, you’ll be able to experience the ultimate in grip and on-track performance. Here are the specs below:

  • Proven Ohlins ILX using TTX technology framework fine-tuned by the Unplugged Performance expert development team in Germany at the Ring
  • 4-way adjustable front & rear (high-speed and low-speed rebound and compression)
  • Adjustable ride height settings from stock to 30mm lower
  • A broad range of dampener adjustability without cavitation
  • Lightweight integral reservoir design and forged billet 7075 and 6016 clear anodized aluminum components along with hard nickel-coated steel components
  • Nurburgring® developed and validated spring rates. 8 Swift Springs (primary & helper spring on every corner) included. We can also consult on custom settings for any racing or street use case.
  • Nurburg area (Kelberg specifically) produced UP TTX specific front and rear sway bar end links
  • Nurburg area (Kelberg specifically) produced UP TTX adjustment tool
  • 2 Year unlimited mileage warranty against including unlimited track use
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Engineered and assembled in Kelberg, Germany by UP suspension engineering partner EnGauge Inc in collaboration with UP Germany partner Atomic-Shop Nurburgring®

Unplugged Performance Pearl White Multi Coat Tesla Model 3 At Nurburgring UP x BBS Flugplatz Wheels Image 2 1200x800 1

For an even better result on the track, Unplugged Performance strongly recommends pairing this kit with the full suite of their Model 3 and Model Y performance upgrades, so the vehicle can be properly set up for track use. Furthermore, customers that purchase this kit that do not have experience with 4-way adjustment suspension setup can purchase trackside support from Unplugged Performance, welcome info for many of the users that simply want to pay, have it set up, and blast it on the track at an event like Tesla Corsa, for example.

Price-wise, this product isn’t cheap. And yes, you will probably be shocked by the $14,995.00 price tag which is close to a third of the cost of the vehicle these are made for. However, the price is just right for a track-oriented suspension system upgrade like this, and anyone that has upgraded their BMW M3, Porsche 911, or similar cars, knows what an Öhlins SPL TTX 4-Way Coilover set can do. And now it’s time for Model 3 and Model Y owners to experience the same level of performance.

For a better look at how this setup performs on the track, click on the video below to see an Unplugged Performance equipped Tesla Model 3, ran by Atomic Shop, driven by the Nurburgring veteran Misha Charoudin, blasting it around The Green Hell, putting an electric vehicle through this daunting track in full send mode.

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