Alfa Romeo Reveals Stelvio First Edition Vehicles

Alfa Romeo Reveals Stelvio First Edition Vehicles

/ January 18, 2017 / 853 Views

If you are a car maker, revealing launch editions is a really smart move. We’ve seen everyone from Audi to Mercedes-Benz to Dodge doing the same. Now, it’s time for Alfa Romeo. The Italian company have just revealed they are opening the order books for their new SUV model. Namely, the order books are opened for the Alfa Romeo Stelvio First Edition. For owners and the car makers, this is an effective way to get their most sought-after new models into the hands of eagerly awaiting customers. Naturally, while expediting the process, this also leaves customers with a limited configuration for their new vehicles as production ramps up.

For some, that simply wont be an issue. The vehicle comes with a highly touted 2.0 liter turbo engine, delivering 280 horsepower and 306 lb-ft of torque. The power is harnessed through an eight-speed automatic transmission to all four wheels. Even though this is not as potent as the 2.9 liter twin-turbo V6 in the Quadrifoglio performance model, it’s still enough to send the Stelvio jumping off the line to 62 miles per hour in 5.7 seconds – figures which the Italian automaker touts as “best in class.”

170117 Alfa Romeo Stelvio 08 copy

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is clearly one of the most beautiful SUV’s to ever hit the market. The soft and angulate lines are matched with the performance oriented design cues that make it a highly sought-of after vehicle design. The interior is on a completely new level – or shall we say, an Italian level that is – with its full grain leather, heating and electrically adjustable seats. Add the wood trim, the aluminum pedals and the 8.8 inch infotainment screen and this interior really lures you  into some pointless drives that suit any driver’s soul.

170117 Alfa Romeo Stelvio 05 copy

Overall, the car looks gorgeous, the interior is well made and hopefully, with the mechanical aspects, it will all be on the same level and Alfa Romeo will certainly have a highly coveted model for years to come and something we can all look forward to as well. Check out the full media gallery of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio First Edition right below.

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